All about DC Video Productions - some examples of video for special occasions

Other Video Services

Under the banner 'DC Video Productions' we also supply a range of professional video services.

The services we provide range all the way from rescuing your old VHS video tapes through to capturing the excitement of local sporting events and drama productions.

All our services are linked by two common threads - our relentless pursuit of excellence and quality in everything we do, combined with pricing that makes it a wise choice to use us for all your video requirements.


  • Treasured event on VHS tape?
  • No longer have a VHS player?
  • We convert VHS tapes to DVDs

Local Events

  • School sports events
  • First Communions
  • Confirmations


  • Concerts & musicals
  • Local drama society productions
  • School concerts
  • Irish dancing competitions

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The senior choir of Sacred Heart School Tullamore sing 'The Christmas Song'