We have a number of packaged options for you to select 
					from when deciding just how you want your wedding video to look.

YOUR Wedding Video Package

We have a number of packaged options for you to select from when deciding just how you want your wedding video to look. You may want to cover just those most intimate moments of the wedding ceremony, or you may want a comprehensive record of the whole day.

Our packaged options are carefully designed to include those key 'must film' events in the course of your wedding day. Nothing is left to chance. If you miss a shot on the day, you can't go back and shoot it later!


  • Guests arriving at church/venue
  • Wedding Ceremony capturing all important moments discreetly and respectfully
  • Congratulations with Bride and Groom outside church/venue
  • Photocall at church/venue


All Bronze package items PLUS
  • Arrival at reception venue
  • Speeches before the meal
  • Montage highlighting key moments throughout your special day at the end of the DVD


All Silver package items PLUS
  • Speeches after the meal
  • First Dance and 10 minutes thereafter

All packages include three copies of a professionally edited DVD of your wedding.

In addition to the three packages there are a number of optional extras that we are often asked to include. These extras can be added to any of the standard packages.

  • Up to 10 childhood photographs at the beginning of the DVD
  • Video at the Bride's home on the morning of the wedding
  • Dancing until 11pm
  • Extra copies of the DVD
  • Your wedding on a Blu-ray disc

We don't forget, of course, that this is YOUR wedding, and you may have something that you particularly want to include on your video. We'd be delighted to hear from you about this and, of course, we would also be delighted to quote you for any of these other special requirements you may have.

Booking YOUR Video Package: Step 1

To help you select your package, first take your time and browse our site. We have included a sample of our wedding videos to allow you to see first hand the quality and excellence of our work.

You can also read some of the testimonials written by couples who wholeheartedly recommend the professional and courteous approach for which Danny Campbell and DC Wedding Video have become renowned.

Booking YOUR Video Package: Step 2

If you have decided on your package, or even if you haven't and need some help, you now need to check our availability for YOUR special day. Simply click on the CHECK AVAILABILITY button and send us your details. We'll get back to you really quickly and help you through all those questions you probably still have about that special day.

Simply bursting with questions about the packages and can't wait? Why not just give us a call NOW on 086 830 8547