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Choosing A Wedding Videographer

Choosing a wedding videographer is something most of us plan to do only once in our lives, so there's no concept of getting better at it with experience. If you make a poor choice there no opportunity to return next week and get married again. 'Excellence first time' is the mark of the good videographer.

We've put together this short note of what's important if you are in the process of looking for a wedding videographer for your wedding.

Experience Matters......

If you choose the wrong videographer "Our Uncle has a video camera - he can take a few movie shots....". Wrong! Unless your Uncle is a gifted amateur then you could be courting disaster. Even a small wedding requires a significant amount of choreography. There's loads of things that needs to happen at the right time, with all the principal participants doing or saying their piece on cue. This is second nature to an experienced wedding videographer As if by magic, they will be in the right place at the right time ready to get the best possible shot. The 'never before' amateur will very likely be rushing around the venue trying to be unobtrusive - or worse still - trying to find a socket to charge the camera.

......So Does Reliability

"I'll call round this evening" …….and they show up at lunchtime the next day. That's irritating in our personal lives, and it's downright unacceptable in business. If you have selected a videographer and they start missing meetings or not returning calls, then take this as a bad indicator and think about changing. If they can't even get the sales process right, then I'd worry that the same may happen later - such as the late delivery of your finished video.

Helpfulness Helps....

There's no grand plan that covers all weddings. Most couples have their own personal view as to how they would like their wedding to be - and it's the job of a wedding videographer to fit seamlessly in with that. A good videographer should be willing to meet with you before the wedding and take you through the events of the day, understanding any special requirements you may have, and explaining all those little things that you can do that will contribute towards producing a memorable video.

......But Quality Endures

Apart from some great memories and a few souvenirs, all that's left after the wedding is likely to be a photograph album and the wedding video. Doubtlessly you will watch that video time and time again. Just imagine how depressing that could be if it was badly edited, important events were missing, the images were blurred or the sound was indistinct. Sometimes inferior equipment can lead to this and sometimes the venue itself can be difficult to shoot in. When choosing a videographer ask them to explain how they plan to achieve high quality videos, what special challenges they face in your venue, and how they would solve them.

About the Author

Danny Campbell

Based in Geashill, Co. Offaly - the award winning wedding videographer, and founder of DC Wedding Video, Danny Campbell has been capturing weddings all over Ireland for many years.

Danny combines industry leading technical skills with an engaging personality that's just right to make you feel at ease during your day in front of the cameras.